How One Knows How Much Is Good Enough?

They say today’s health is tomorrow’s wealth and they have reasons for it. Focusing on your health and living a healthy lifestyle transforms your well being from average to excellent. In this age and time, when busy has become extremely busy it’s a task to physical and mental wellbeing. Surprisingly, good physical health has a long lasting or in many cases poor physical health have devastating effect on your mental health. To be in verdure, consuming good food is pivotal.
Often, people ask how one knows how much food is good enough? Having a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, diary, nuts and whole grains is considered healthy nutrition. For an example, if you just don’t get time to incorporate whole grains in your food directly you can do so indirectly by consuming rotis made of whole grain flour like Sher Brown Whole Wheat Atta (whole grain) with your favorite veggie gravy or roll it up with some freshly sautéed vegetable. It’s the little changes that go a long way. Surely, healthy living doesn’t mean making whirlwind of changes.

No one can single out benefits of healthy eating but it is portion control that finds favor with most health opinion polls. Few days of trying it will give you an idea of why health experts lay immense stress on it. For many, it’s either too much and for some it’s too less but believe it or not knowing how much enough nourishment is won’t be an understatement. It’s not like people should go frenzy about serving size but knowing that having good quality food free of preservatives and right amount of proportion should be your siren call for a your overall well being. Good quality foods have less health implications which in turn mean that you body is filled with all things good especially in times like these where having a strong immune system has become need of hour to you to fight against life-risking diseases. Aiming towards safeguarding the well being of whole nation; means having enough healthy individuals who wanted to make health a priority with implementation of 3:1 ratio where 3 portions of healthy living to 1 portion of not so healthy living because sometimes it’s OK to give yourself a break. Since, everybody’s bodily needs are different most definitely their good enough would be different too but necessary, here, is to understand the connection between living healthy to staying healthy. Consciously prioritizing health via small healthy habits like having a balanced diet and nutrient-rich foods ensuring you’re consciously making an effort to consume what is good for your body realizing it will have long lasting impacts on your overall health because who would deliberately want their body to suffer.

The health gurus behind propagation of this whole magical notion of good enough feel the art of healthy living is only possible through creation of a healthy mix of habits for a better today and an even better tomorrow.

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