5 Sugar Control methods for a Healthier You

Donuts, cookies, cakes, pretzels and any other sweet items that tingles your sweet tooth and some other items like nuts, premade soup sachets, boxed items and processed foods that contain saturated fats are harmful for health. Sugar, if consumed, excessively will result in diabetes leading to other life-risking ailments. Nutritionists always recommend incorporating natural sugar foods like fruits, milk, honey, maple syrup and nuts in your diet to feed your body with sugars that are good for your body.
It is believed an active lifestyle like exercising regularly and clean eating are said to be the most recommended way of controlling sugar. Adding greens, pulses, raw and unprocessed food items to your diet not only keep your health in line but also help with unnecessary sugar cravings. Processed foods that have now become a go-to thanks to busy schedule contain the highest amount of sugar content. Hence, experts suggest checking ingredients before buying packaged food.
Inclusion of fruits, milk and vegetable in right amount helps maintain blood sugar level. Not only are natural sugars like fructose and lactose found in it signals your body satiating your appetite also when turned into glucose act as powerhouse of energy for day long activities because of quick and easy assimilation and digestion, hence, keeping obesity at bay. Good sugar foods as is called have great nutritional value while not letting body become obese.
The sugars body gets through the consumption of carbohydrate rich foods like rice, potatoes and bread satiate your sugar cravings and hinder overconsumption of sugary or sweet items. When a person’s body isn’t getting good sugars it craves for bad sugars which neither satisfies sugar calls nor satiate hunger. And gradually this becomes a vicious cycle without person realizing it. Carbs from good food doesn’t have any hidden sugar which is why recommendable carbohydrates contribution to daily calorie count should be 40-60 percent. Including fiber-rich foods limit your urge of refined sugar as they fill up your tummy quicker than usual. A fiber rich diet means including a bigger chunk of fiber rich fruits, fiber wheat rotis, whole grains and oatmeal. For an example, if your diet is a combination of greens and rotis you can easily switch your flour variant to fiber rich flour like Sher Brown Whole Wheat flour (fiber wala) and you’re good to go. You’ll definitely feel major cut down on refined sugar in the first half of your day.
Hormones and sugars are directly linked. If consumed in right amount, sugar keeps your hormones in check resulting in balancing your hormones naturally. However, excessive sugar minimizes the affect of leptin hormone resulting in slowing down metabolism and leading to obesity. Majority of the people especially youth make this mistake of missing out on healthy breakfast to store-bought coffee that a filled with added sugar resulting in low energy levels, triggering stress, activating stress hormones which result in release of adrenaline and cortisol.
For a healthful you, it is advisable to have a healthy diet and an active lifestyle that doesn’t require you to consume processed/refined sugar too much instead your body will fulfill its need from the natural sugar found in your food. Consuming sugar in equilibrium is, in fact, necessary to maintain your blood sugar level.

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