The Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements

Each one’s body requires nutrients to carry out bodily functions. For body to perform its functions properly nutrients play a pivotal role. And this is only possible if we consume food in proper quantity because body cannot make nutrients. It absorbs nutrients from the food we eat. The amount of nutrients needed depends vary according to weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI).
A person’s life revolves around food through healthy sources for body to make enough nutrients providing the energy and strength required to carry out important functions like disease prevention, growth and good health. Protein, carbohydrates and fats are the key elements of our diet; making up the macronutrients that our body requires in large amounts. Healthy protein, healthy carbs and good fats – each of these have specific role to play. Along with being immediate sources of energy, these help in regulating metabolism, hormones and energy levels. Protein is essentially responsible for building and repairing muscle and tissue, production and regulation of hormones, composition of antibodies and overall healthy growth of human body. Meat, fish, eggs, dairy foods, pulses and lentils are the main sources of protein and should be consumed at least twice a week. Good carbs or Carbohydrates are abundantly found in bread, rice, wheat rotis, fruits, pulses like chickpeas and beans. Wheat in any form is predominantly composed of carbohydrates like Sher Durum Atta – being a preferred and excellent source of healthy carbs injecting your body with bouts of energy for an active lifestyle. Often, fats are assumed to be bad for our body but they a crucial role to carry out even fewer than 10% of calories a day of bad fat is considered good for health. Again, 2.5grams of fat in Sher Durum Atta if consumed in morning acts as storage of vitamins and energy necessarily needed for our organs and system to function healthily.
Combinations of macronutrients with micronutrients – vitamins and minerals, though required in small amounts, have lifelong impacts whilst improving the quality of life. For overall wellbeing, healthy development, tissue formation, disease prevention and healthy metabolism they key is to have a balanced diet to avoid deficiencies that could be hazardous to health. Initial deficiencies, if any, due to poor lifestyle and bad diet can be timely cured by incorporating a varied diet.
The key aspect for an active healthy lifestyle, according to nutrition experts, is good nutrition which helps you live a longer and a better life. Immense stress has been laid by these experts to maintain a consistent lifestyle because minor deficiencies if not taken care of may lead to serious health issues. You not weigh 1 type of nutrients to another type because each one has a dominant role to play acting as building blocks of human health. The paramount efforts health and nutrition experts have been carrying out are to spread awareness regarding a well-balanced nutrition. Under nutrition and over nutrition both have adverse affect on human body which is why it is necessary to understand the basics of nutrient requirements.

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